Working at Wellbeing

At Wellbeing we have various treatment rooms and spaces available for regular hire and limited ad-hoc use.

The rooms are all wonderful unique spaces. We have a downstairs treatment room ‘the cosy’ which can be used for couch treatments or seated talking therapy.  The first floor is home to a treatment/group space and also our colonics suite.  The ‘sky’ room on the top floor is a beautifully large, light and airy space, good for couch based or talking therapies.  Finally the ‘garden’ room, through our lovely courtyard garden is suitable for all couch based treatments.

All therapists that practise from the clinic are self-employed. You would need to hold full medical malpractice insurance and be fully qualified for the treatments you wish to offer.  We would need copies of your qualification certificates and insurance on an annual basis.

If you are interested in seeing clients at Wellbeing please do get in touch, either by phone or by popping your details in the form below and we will contact you for an initial discussion.

To discuss working with us please fill in this form and we will be in touch