Life Coaching

Introduction to Life Coaching

Most of us at some time during our lives want to change something about the way we are or about the way we are living our lives. Do any of these sentiments echo your feelings?

  • being in a ‘rut’,
  • being at a crossroads in your personal or working life,
  • having difficulty juggling all the different things that you do,
  • wanting to improve your life.

Changing Your Life

Life Coaching is a way of finding out what we really want and how to get it. It is a process of discovering what makes us discontented and unfulfilled, and of identifying where we want the changes to occur. We can then decide what steps to take to pursue that goal, looking at the realities of how it can be achieved.

Life and performance coaching is a process of learning for the individual, of discovering our potential, and taking control of the possibilities presented to us to maximise our achievements and to work towards the goals that we set ourselves in the process of improving our lives.

Unlike counselling or therapy, Life Coaching is not about looking to the past to help resolve present conflicts, and it is not about one single condition or area of discontent. It is a solutions focused holistic approach, where we look at all aspects of our life so as to be able to identify those areas that we want to change. Typically people seeking life coaching will want to address issues around:

  • Confidence
  • Stress
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Decision making
  • Overcome negative and limiting beliefs

Life coaching will take you through a process of discovering what you want to change, setting some strategies and plans, identify what support and resources you have to help you on your journey so you can achieve those goals and objectives.

The process of the coaching is in the form of an agreed number of one hour sessions. Life coaching is aimed at enabling you the client to find your solutions and to take on your own goals and objectives and make lasting and effective change.

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