Holistic Massage

What is a holistic massage?

A holistic massage is a relaxing and soothing treatment, working with the person as a whole benefiting the body, mind and spirit.

A full body holistic massage usually comprises of massaging the face, arms, legs, back and shoulders; however your massage will be tailor made to your needs and focus on what you wish to achieve. When a therapist works holistically, they will use touch, physical manipulation and energy shifting that encourages awareness of the mind-body connection. Whilst using these gentle to moderate movements this treatment promotes health and a feeling of wellbeing, as well reducing discomfort and pain from aching muscles.

What are the benefits of a holistic massage?

Whether you require a one-off treatment as a treat or would like to routinely take a little more time out to focus on your health, a holistic massage is a wonderful therapy to allow you time to escape whilst restoring your body’s inner balance and vitality.

> Improve the lymphatic system
> Pain relief
> Improves sleep
> Increase blood flow and circulation
> Relief from pain and stiffness
> Restore balance of the body, mind and soul
> Soothe sensory nerves
> Improve the skin’s condition and elasticity
> Encourage removal of toxins
> Stimulation and softening of adipose (fat) tissue

And of course, help you relax and feel great!