Psychotherapy & Counselling

Talking therapies such as psychotherapy and counselling help clients to focus on their preferred future and the positive aspects in their lives, rather than what may be causing them stress and worry.

When people suffer from anxiety and depression more often then not it is due to the fact that they are either reflecting on past events, or looking to a less favourable future that has not even occurred. Our brains are very good at predicting what is likely to go wrong when we feel that we are under enormous strain, and in fact this is only a part of the fight or flight mechanism by which your brain and body are attempting to protect you from attack and get you ready for the worst case scenario that may occur. It is very easy to lose sight of what is going well for us and what we have to look forward to in life when we become consumed by this negative thought process, which causes us to not even live in the present moment.

Some people can be in a constant state of fight or flight when they have suffered huge trauma, loss, anxiety or depression and a good counsellor will assist clients to work towards their preferred future and focus on learning to have a positive attitude and increased self-confidence, which in turn will bring about more joy in life and a sense of wellbeing mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Talking therapy uses techniques based on the most up to date research from neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming