Our unique Optimised Hearing Pathway has been carefully created by us in conjunction with leading industry experts to move away from the ‘supply and fit’ model generally adopted within the industry, often with poor satisfaction. It takes a different approach to restoring your hearing and looks more at you as the patient and addressing not simply your ears’ ability to pick up sound, but your hearing ability overall.

Your actual Hearing system is merely one of an array of ‘products’ available that your independent Hearing Specialist has carefully chosen with and for you based on your assessment and personal requirements.  What the OHP now does is help to teach and rehabilitate you to use your system and acclimatise to hearing again in a measured and considered way.

You are at the very centre of this process and your journey will be tailored to what you need, delivered at the correct stages to optimise your hearing world. The OHP considers Mechanical and Cognitive Hearing as well as lifestyle and requirement.  Every aspect is critical and needs to be assessed and measured independently but treated as a combination.

Here is a brief overview of what the OHP is and how it will be implemented.

Step 1 – Your Assessment

Pre-appointment Questionnaires

  • Clinical background
  • Medical history
  • Emotional scoring survey
  • Self-scoring on your ‘hearing and social engagement ability’.

Consultation – Videotoscopy allowing you to see the inside of your ear

  • Array of Full clinical Hearing Tests
  • Tympanometry (Ear pressure measurements)
  • Speech & intelligibility test (when required)

Explanation of how our hearing works then discuss your results with a clear explanation of the tests, what the data means and why it is presenting you with the issues you are facing.

Explanation of the difference between Mechanical Hearing and Cognitive Hearing and how the Brain needs to be retrained and rehabilitated to ensure Optimum results.

Based on this information, your specialist will make recommendations as to what they feel will give you the very best results. By this point you will have a clear understanding of how we can help, the costs involved and how you wish to proceed.

Step  2 – Your fitting appointment

  • Initial fitting of the aids including verification testing.
  • Full explanation and demonstrations of the workings of the system (To ensure you feel comfortable and confident, we ask every patient to perform these tasks before you leave).
  • Speech Test (if required).
  • Explanation of the follow up process and the need for acclimatisation and accurate rehabilitation.
  • A clear explanation of the difference between Objective and Subjective programming.


This is your clinical prescription and the information gathered by data-logging within your hearing system.


This is more of your personal preferences gathered by experience and how you prefer to hear.

  • Fitting and FULL explanation of all accessories and how to operate them.
  • Advice of what to expect and how to manage this.

Step 3 – Acclimatisation and Rehabilitation

Follow Up (week 1)

This is possibly the most important meeting in the process as for the first time, we are discovering how the clinical and objective data works in the ‘real world’ for you.

At this consultation we will be using information gathered by you and your system to discover how far we can move you forward in your journey.

There are several checks and tests that are done at this point but importantly we ask you to be as forthcoming as possible with your experiences, both positive and negative, to enable us to start tailoring your system to your preferences.

Follow Up 2 (week 3)

By this point you will have been wearing your hearing system for approximately 3 weeks and you are roughly halfway through your assessment period.  You should be noticing significant benefit, feel comfortable physically and becoming quite accustomed to the new sounds.

This consultation will allow us to continue to gauge performance, benefit and suitability and through further tests and checks, move you closer to the target we are working towards.

Follow Up 3 (week 6)

This is your final appointment within the Evidence based trial period.

You should be entirely comfortable with the physical fit of your system and be acclimatising well. You should also have confidence in your specialist and be able to agree to continue with your system.

It is likely that your specialist at this appointment will increase your systems performance to your ‘target’ level which means you will be hearing at levels as close to normal as possible, however, as every patient journey is unique, further appointments may be required to help you rehabilitate.

At the point your specialist feels you have achieved your personal target, various verification tests will be completed and you will move to the next phase of your ongoing journey as a satisfied patient of Imperial Hearing Group.