Victoria and Vegas’ adventures in the Bikejoring World Championship!

Huge congratulations to our client, the indomitable Victoria Rock and her amazing dog Vegas.

Victoria says, “We did it! 10th place at the World Championship! I am so proud of Vegas and myself!

It’s been a long tough road since I’ve been diagnosed with a number of life changing autoimmune conditions 2.5 years ago, and when I thought I may never compete in Bikejoring (external link opens in a new window) again.

Thank you so much to my dog handlers and bike holders over the past couple of days, I could have not done it without you: Evi Van den Steen, Rowan Saxton, Alain Timmermans and Claire O’Brien!

A huge thank you to my husband James Rock supporting us from home and everybody who supports and believes in us, especially our sponsors #Xenca #ZeroDC #GalenMyotherapy #MarlboroughWellbeingClinic #ChestnutClinic”