David Charles Rowan


David Charles Rowan MA MSc is an author, researcher, singer-songwriter, teacher and practitioner of both Astrology and Neuro-Holistic Therapy. He is currently taking a sabbatical from a third master’s degree; an MSc in Psychology and has already been accepted for a fourth, an MA in Stonehenge Archaeology with the University of Buckingham.

It has been a long journey of self study, only commencing formal education at the age of forty. David first read Freud when he was thirteen and is now a student member of the British Psychological Society at fifty-six. These academic achievements may be considered remarkable given that he has three diagnosed autistic conditions; Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia and a suspected fourth; Echopraxia.

In addition, David was not diagnosed with any Autistic Spectrum conditions until he was forty, which meant that during his young life, growing up as a child carer with a disabled mother, he was unable to understand himself or the world around him; finding life bewildering and often frightening. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a need to understand life, he took his first steps into reading psychology at the age of thirteen but found it rather dry and took a Pagan path instead; studying esoteric philosophies and finding a model of human understanding in the ancient art of Astrology.

Being an undiagnosed autistic child-carer was a challenge made lighter by a love of music. The ‘do it yourself’ philosophy of the Punk explosion in the 1970s created a cultural sense of permission and David taught himself to play guitar, spending his early twenties in bands that were fun, if not successful.

By the time he was thirty David had grasped the complexity of Astrology and how to use the map of symbols as a means of understanding the dynamics of a person’s psyche. Realising he also needed a therapeutic skill, David trained in a second discipline Neuro-Holistic Therapy; a synthesis of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychobiology in 1993. He began teaching Astrology two years earlier in 1991, and also commenced teaching Neuro-Holistic Therapy in 1994. In 2002 he was among the first six people in the world to be awarded the Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and took a second master’s degree in 2008 in Psycho-Social Studies, for which he was awarded Master of Science with distinction.

David continues to practice and teach Astrology online and Neuro-Holistic Therapy, and music continues to flow from him. For a quarter of a century David has explored the human condition and has gained an international reputation with clients and students around the world.