Dr Iwona Pogoda

Dr Iwona is an experienced General Practitioner who worked in the NHS for over 25 years. She has recently retired from General Practice and has changed the focus of her professional career.

As a GP, Dr Iwona had a particular interest in musculoskeletal issues and pain management and this inspired her to learn more about Acupuncture. She found that her patients were very open and grateful for the choice of treatments she offered. She originally learnt Traditional Chinese Acupuncture but as a practising doctor, she wanted to understand the science behind it, hence she joined the British Medical Acupuncture Society which offers regular scientific meetings.

While practicing as a GP, Dr Iwona naturally collected a lot of experience in the field of Women’s Health and this led her to enter the field of Bio-Identical Hormones.

She began training at the Dr Marion Gluck Academy in 2016.

Dr Iwona believes that every woman is different and therefore deserves an individual approach. We all have different life experiences, current problems and expectations. Therefore, in an ideal world, medicine should be more personalised. Creating personal prescriptions for bio-identical hormones on the basis of individual symptoms and blood test results is part of Functional Medicine, which is common in the USA and also increasingly popular in the UK and Europe.

We now live longer than our grandparents and if we take care of all aspects of our life (Mind, Body and Spirit) through an active life style, good nutrition and relaxation we will look younger and happier. Because we also wish to look younger, if you want to get rid of the odd wrinkle you might consider booking an appointment for anti-wrinkle injections with Botox or Dermal Fillers treatment.

While studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr Iwona was inspired by the anti-ageing therapies practiced in ancient China and learnt Cosmetic Acupuncture, known as Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. The modern version of this treatment is Medical Micro-needling, which she also offers at the Wellbeing Clinic.

Dr Iwona believes that every person is unique. She is caring and engaging towards her patients and always offers personalised advice.