Nicola Strange


From a young age I was always in trouble for asking the same question – why? and this question has continued to dominate throughout my life.

As a teenager I was typically unhealthy and began to develop gut issues, later diagnosed as Ulcerative Colitis. I asked the Doctor why this had happened and what I should do and, in particular, what I should eat – he replied that I was just unlucky and it didn’t matter what I ate as that would make no difference. Even to a 15 year old this didn’t make any sense!

It was many years later when my Mum was seriously ill that I first turned to natural health and took her to see a Nutritionist. Everything she told us made complete sense to me and there began my journey to good health.

This later led to a change in career and to studying for 5 years at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Now, working as a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, I spend my time helping others to reach their health goals.

So, no matter what your symptom, disease or health concern I always ask myself the same question – why? Why has this happened now, was there a trigger, what deficiencies are present, what are the levels of toxicity (both internal and external), what are the genetic influences and what is driving this problem to continue. The body is constantly striving to heal itself and be well, so what is preventing this from happening?

To address the root cause of your symptoms or simply move yourself towards good long-term health and vitality, book a consultation.

I visited Nicola recently regarding a range of ailments that had been bothering me and was feeling lethargic, tired and overweight. Nicola was so kind and knowledgeable and listened to every word I had to say.  She came back to me with such good advice and a plan that I could easily follow. When I returned for my follow-up appointment I genuinely felt like a new person!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicola to anyone wishing to feel better about themselves or who is simply lost in the confusing world of nutrition and would like to speak to a voice of sensible reason.


Having always struggled with feeling run down, with a lack of energy and generally feeling the cold far more than was normal I decided to seek expert advice. I contacted Nicola and she could not have been more helpful – she was very friendly and professional and has such a wealth of knowledge. She made a few changes to my diet and lifestyle and recommended a few short-term supplements and I can honestly say I feel so much better, not just physically but mentally too.

I would recommend that anyone with any kind of health issue contacts Nicola for advice and support.


I contacted Nicola when I was in severe pain waiting to be seen by the NHS and found her to very welcoming and extremely professional.  She was very thorough when gathering information regarding my symptoms, medical history, family history, etc to try to determine the root cause of my problem. She provided me with a detailed analysis of her findings, together with a plan of how to help my body heal and the steps to take towards long-term care. With her help I am now feeling so much better.

Nicola is extremely passionate about helping people and is an excellent listener. I would not hesitate in returning to see her in the future.