Liv Inge

Liv’s love of traditional Eastern medicine began with a trip to Japan for a modeling assignment in the late nineties.  Here, she experienced the effects of meridian therapy via acupressure.  The toll taken by long-haul flights – poor blood circulation, confused sleep patterns, aches and pains – melted away with the informed touch of her therapist. 
Some years later, initiated by a year’s apprenticeship under renowned aromatherapist and alchemist Michelle Roques O’Neil, Liv’s interest in Chinese meridian theory led her to obtain a BSc in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the prestigious College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.  From there she began practicing at The Brackenbury Clinic, London, before moving to the countryside and joining the team at The Wellbeing Clinic, Calne, Wiltshire. 
Liv’s passion for treating via natural methods is palpable. “With good health, Qi flows smoothly throughout the body – however, 21st century lives are chaotic, stressful and exhausting.  Qi gets congested, and weakens. To help relieve symptoms and reinstate the flow of Qi, I use a tool kit that consists of acupuncture, guasha, cupping and massage. This is not an exhaustive list – I’m forever learning new methods. What I love most about these traditional techniques is that they are completely natural, with no side effects, and they make you feel so good.”
​The Evening Standard hailed Liv as the Wellness Warrior, while some patients call her the Hayfever Whisperer
Having completed her Diploma in Paediatrics in 2019, Liv treats all ages from baby to wrinkly, all are welcome.