Zee Fairhead-Keast

From an Interior Design background where high stress was part of daily life, I was always a keen and appreciative recipient of various complementary therapies as part of self-care. This I believe kept me in balance, so I could manage a growing family and a busy design practice with equal fervour.

Several family moves around the globe and one small but significant car accident led me onto a totally new and unexpected career path, and I discovered my true ‘calling’.

It started with learning Reiki so I could help myself heal; but then realised I could help others, so I became a Reiki Therapist. Almost immediately, Facial Reflexology appeared in my life.

This method resonated with me on such a deep level, that I followed this guidance, and decided to go back to studying to become a Facial Reflex Therapist.

With the innate belief that the body has its own wisdom and healing capabilities, through my therapies, I am now able to help my clients of all ages on so many levels towards health and wellbeing, equanimity and a renewed zest for life.

As part of the International Institute of Reflex Therapy, I am constantly learning, adding specialist courses to my repertoire, and keeping up to date with latest research and new approaches to health and wellbeing – naturally.