Saffron Ellidge

LicAc, Face Reader & Acupuncturist

About Saffron

I discovered the extraordinary accuracy of face reading and facial diagnosis while training to be an acupuncturist. A renowned face reading teacher came to my college, and in just one private consultation, she identified the core problems in my relationship, the root of my chronic health issues and what was stopping me from pursuing a fulfilling career – simply by assessing the features and markings on my face. She also confirmed my strengths, talents and potential.

I walked away from my reading with a renewed sense of my self and my true purpose in life. My health problems fell away as I found the clarity and confidence to let go of what was holding me back and pursue what felt important to me. From that moment on, I wanted to learn as much as I could about face reading so I could help transform others’ lives the way mine had been transformed.

I completed an advanced apprenticeship and a master certification programme with Lillian Bridges, who I discovered was the world’s leading authority on face reading. Face reading is a Taoist art that goes back over 3,000 years, and Lillian’s teachings have been passed down the generations of her Chinese family to her.

“The purpose of life is to be who you are, as much as you can be; to find your talents and abilities and express them; to live in a way that supports you; and then give yourself back to the world as a gift.” Lillian Bridges, the Lotus Institute

My Approach

In a one-to-one consultation, I aim to draw out the person you wish you were – and already are deep down, by giving you insights into your health and emotional patterns and their roots; identifying and helping release past trauma; and highlighting your strengths, skills and talents. I want to uncover your original nature, so you can feel free to express yourself fully and be the best and happiest person you can be!

“Your reading – absolutely extraordinary. What accuracy. Your intuitive interpretation of what you have seen is spot on. You have a very special talent, Saffron.” Miss CL, health practitioner, London

As an acupuncturist I first had acupuncture in 1999, after developing severe stress-related symptoms brought on by a demanding job. The treatments immediately helped ease my physical symptoms – panic attacks, headaches, exhaustion, backache, digestive problems, among others – but more significantly, they brought me back in touch with my body’s needs and instincts, and enabled me to express my feelings more fluently. I also became clearer, calmer and more centred mentally.

Having experienced first hand the profound effects of acupuncture, and how it could tackle those complaints for which conventional medicine doesn’t have a cure, I was compelled to become an acupuncturist myself, training at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. I have been in practice since 2005, and the rewards are immense. In my treatments I uncover underlying emotional and physical imbalances as well as treating the main condition. To me, illness is our body’s way of telling us we’re going the wrong way. If we heed its signals, we can transform not just our health but our experience of life.