Saffron Ellidge

LicAc, Face Reader & Acupuncturist

In 1999, the stress of working for a national magazine left me physically and emotionally wrecked. A wonderful acupuncturist helped heal me: her treatments alleviated my headaches, digestive issues, back ache, panic attacks and high stress levels, among other symptoms. It was bliss to feel calm, clear, re-energised – and finally able to make healthier decisions around my work and relationships. I was compelled to become an acupuncturist myself so I could help others in the same powerful way.

I then specialised in face reading and diagnosis, which gives me a profound understanding of people’s characters, health, emotions and deeper motivations. Face reading has transformed my approach to life, enabling me to find and follow my own true path with confidence. I love guiding my clients to a deeper sense of themselves and what’s truly important to them, enabling them to transform their lives too.

In recent years I have come back to my roots in Marlborough, and my own healing process continues in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

I graduated from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading in 2005, and did an apprenticeship and Master Face Reading Programme with the international face-reading authority Lillian Bridges.