John Campbell

John is a qualified hypnotherapist certified by The San Diego Hypnosis institute.

John has studied Therapeutic Hypnosis, Neuro somatic energy repatterning, Sports Hypnosis (improve your game), hypnosis for pain relief, Life Coaching.

Simply reading this mean you are curious, wondering how hypnosis would improve your life.

John offers a free 30-minute consultation to evaluate the best way to resolve your situation.

John offers solutions for pain relief, addictions, stress, weight issues, lack of confidence, phobias, removing negative beliefs and much more.

Hypnosis is fun, Hypnosis is natural, Hypnosis will change your life for all the right reasons.

I was fortunate to have a one on one session with John. He help me get to some of the route causes of some of my issues painlessly. In fact it was fun and enlightening. He taught me some simple techniques involving posture, and some of the best mind majik I have ever experienced. I was able to help others in my family with things he had taught me. Forever grateful.

Missy Martin