Ivan Brownrigg

Life Coaching

I work with people who wish to make changes in one or more areas of their life, but haven’t so far been able to make those changes happen. They feel stuck.

Life Coaching

Typically, the roadblocks are to do with a lack of, or limited self-belief.  Over time, the view they have adopted of themselves has restricted them & formed negative thinking & emotional patterns.

These, in turn can generate unhelpful physical and mental behaviour traits such as procrastination and repetition of old habits, which then re-enforce the feelings of being stuck.

Well, if that’s you, these negative patterns are unlikely to change just by themselves, but with some Coaching you can make 2017 the year you really turned the corner.

Association for Coaching

What is important is your commitment to yourself.  With that, I can definitely help. My Coaching will enable you to identify and then overcome any self-imposed obstacles and road-blocks holding you back.  This will leave you free to choose what you really value and want from your life – and make it happen!

Association for NLP

My Coaching sometimes draws on NLP techniques designed to enable you to see yourself with ‘new eyes’ and then activate your potential.  I liken it to helping people adjust their sails rather than trying to change the direction of the wind.  I may well not be a specialist in what you do – but I am a specialist in Coaching.

Coaching is a mainstream and commonly used way of enhancing most physical activities, however it is just as successful when applied to mental and emotional challenges too.  I have successfully Coached individuals to make positive changes in their personal, academic and professional lives, in both group workshops and one to one sessions.

Why not book an initial free meeting now?  This will enable you to describe what you want to change and for me to outline the processes and methods of my Coaching, (which is distinct from counselling, therapy, training and other interventions.) If we both decide to work together, we can progress onto your first session then, or book a subsequent time.

ib coaching
  • Diploma in Business & life Coaching
  • Qualified NLP Practitioner
  • Practitioner of Time Based Therapy
  • Associate – Conflict Resolution Network
  • Mentor – IBM Australia
  • Member of the Association for NLP Professionals
  • Life Coach – Institute of Human Technology (Sydney)
  • Director – International Association of Human Values, Australia
  • Coaching Services – UK College of Personal Development

Appointments can be made via The Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic.