What is TFT

TFT is a natural drug-free, non-invasive system which, by simply finger-tapping certain energy meridian points on the face and body in a precise sequence, eliminates the cause of negative emotions. TFT is fast and effective. It has a success rate of up to 97%.

Some of the benefits of TFT compared to other more conventional therapies:

immediate relief from suffering.
no adverse side effects (it is completely safe and effective and can be applied to adults and children).
does not require you to talk about your problem (something that often causes considerable distress or embarrassment, which discourages many from seeking treatment in the first place).

TFT has been demonstrated recently on national TV by Paul McKenna – a well-known therapist and TV personality. Paul has helped hundreds of people overcome fears, phobias and addictions with TFT.
What Does TFT Treat?

TFT can be used to treat almost anything — anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions, pain, psychological trauma, grief, insomnia, jealousy, panic attacks and many other problems.

In addition TFT can be used to treat other problems which were previously hard to treat with conventional therapies — such as jet lag and difficulty in visualising.

In the last few years TFT has also been found to helpful in treating cardiac problems through its beneficial effects on Heart Rate Variability.

Some patients with post viral fatigue and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have also benefited from TFT.

New uses for TFT are being discovered all the time. For example, it has been found that colds and flu can be successfully treated.

TFT algorithms are successful with 80% of clients. By using TFT diagnostic techniques the success rate increases to 95%. The highest success rate is achieved using Voice Technology which is successful with 97% of clients.
How was TFT Discovered?

TFT was founded and developed by Dr Roger Callahan PhD, one of America’s most distinguished and experienced Clinical Psychologists. After using conventional therapies like behaviour therapy for thirty years Callahan was dissatisfied with their poor results and became interested in an alternative therapy called Applied Kinesiology, which involves the body’s energy meridians.

In 1980 Callahan was treating a patient called Mary who had a phobia of water. After eighteen months of treatment with various therapies, including Hypnosis and Behaviour Therapy, Mary was little better. Then one day Callahan took a shot in the dark. He knew Mary described her fear as being felt in the stomach and he knew that the stomach meridian passed beneath both eyes. As Mary thought of her fear he tapped beneath one of Mary’s eyes. Instantly Mary’s phobia vanished and has stayed away to this day, almost thirty years later.

Callahan repeated this technique with other phobia sufferers and found it only worked with a small minority of patients. However he knew he was onto something and years of research, experimentation and development followed resulting in what we now know as Thought Field Therapy.

Eventually Callahan discovered that most emotional problems — including anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas and obsessive compulsive disorder — could be cured by tapping on the correct parts of the body in the right sequence.

He discovered menus of tapping sequences (called algorithms) which had an outstanding success rate (up to 80%) in treating various emotional problems. Dr Callahan had in fact tapped into nature’s own healing system—a series of ‘healing codes’.