Soul Rescue

Soul Rescue, a sacred healing practice helping earthbound spirits to cross-over into the Light.

It is a similar process to Reiki Healing bringing in light from above and below; however, it also involves removal of spirit attachments, from people or places and sending them into the Light thereby restoring balance to the person or place and setting the spirit on the right track. The results are powerful and liberating.

Soul Rescue is about helping ghosts, or earthbound spirits, to cross-over. Most spirits don’t understand or realize that they are dead.
From the spirit’s perspective, they are the same person that they were when they were alive. And time is distorted in such a way that the spirit is unaware that several years, or even several decades may have gone by from the time when they were alive

Each spirit has the ability to view the world in a way that makes sense to them. If a spirit still believes that he is living in the year 1890, everything that he observes will be from that time period. Instead of cars and freeways, the spirit may see horse-drawn carriages and stone covered roads.

The person that would try to help these spirits to transition should be aware that this is the nature of the spirit’s view of the world so that they can be helped more easily.
Helping Spirit Understand

Soul Rescue is about helping spirit to first understand, and then to emotionally accept, that they no longer have a physical body.

Helping spirit to emotionally accept their current state is sometimes the hardest part of Soul Rescue work.