What is Rejuvance?
Rejuvance is a new gentle and effective technique that rejuvenates your face and offers deep relaxation to both mind and body. It consists of a variety of techniques including muscle release, connective tissue release, vibrational techniques and oil massage that focus on the patterns of stress and tension locked up in the face.

These techniques are designed to lift and rejuvenate all areas of your face, décolleté and neck. Wrinkles become smoother, fine lines disappear, elasticity is restored, muscle tension is released and muscle tonus is restored, leaving you with a great sense of inner well-being. Rejuvance also works on the meridian and nervous system, promoting a better flow of vitality and circulation, not only in your face, but also throughout your whole body.

The philosophy behind rejuvance is that your face is the connecting link between your body, mind, spirit and emotions. What we express or repress shows in our face. Stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and worry all create tension in our face. When we are relaxed and feel positive our facial expression is different from when we are stressed. A relaxed face communicates differently with other people compared to an angry or sad face. Our face is the mirror we hold up to the world around us.

About the treatment

The treatment initially comprises of six sessions, each lasting approximately one hour. Each session addresses different areas of the face, head, neck, chest, and shoulders. Upon completion it is recommended to have maintenance sessions at least once every month to six weeks. Depending on the individual problems of each person, it may be advisable to repeat some of the sessions.

The maintenance sessions deepen and build upon the initial six sessions. These six sessions can be repeated once or more per year to maintain the results as well as helping slow down the ageing process.

The use of natural oils and plant-based cosmetics is an additional bonus to the rejuvance technique because they add extra benefits to the skin and subcutaneueous tissues. Clients are shown how to apply simple and effective self-massage and exercises to further enhance the results.

The improvement you can see

The rejuvance technique is very gentle and wonderfully restful. Muscles and skin of your face will begin to change even after one session your skin will glow, your face will look relaxed as if you have slept for hours, and the tension will be gone not only from your face but from your whole body.

Completing a series of treatments will result in you looking younger and fresher, your skin colour and texture will have improved, deep expression lines will have softened and smiling will become easier.

Other benefits of rejuvance

Total body relaxation and improved sleep
Relief of migraines and headaches
Improved breathing
Improved clarity and less anxiety
Re-balancing of the nervous system
An improved sense of well-being.

The history of rejuvance

The rejuvance technique is based on a number of different bodywork and beauty methods, primarily the rejuvanessence technique, acupressure, Philippine vibrational massage, Chinese massage, lymphatic drainage, sotai, stretching and conventional beauty therapy. It was developed by Ilaira Bouratinos in 1997.