Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

Naturopathic medicine believes in promoting the body’s own self healing mechanisms, putting a strong emphasis on prevention as much as on treatment.

Naturopathic practitioners use tools including diet, food supplementation and lifestyle changes such as exercise to stimulate these healing processes.

Naturopathic nutrition aims always to get to the fundamental root of what is causing your problems and not to simply work with the symptoms – correcting any imbalances and nutritional deficiencies and so enabling your body’s own capacity to heal and build you back to vital health.

Naturopathic nutrition also works on the premise that we are all totally unique. We have different gut flora, we all metabolise, absorb and utilise our food differently. So we all need to approach our diet with that in mind.

As much as 70% of our immune system is located in the intestinal tract. It stands to reason therefore that a healthy gut is integral to robust health. It also highlights the necessity for a well balanced nutritious diet to support overall health and vitality.

So you may be feeling shattered, constantly running in overdrive? Worried about how to keep up the pace and demands of your work and family life?

Often having digestive or sleep issues? Or can’t seem to shift that weight that’s been slowly increasing? Maybe your hormones are driving you crazy?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt overwhelmed with all the conflicting health advice out there. And confused about what foods are right for YOU?

Well, if you’re ready to make some positive changes around your health and get the life you desire, putting nutrition at the forefront of your health will be of major benefit.

For more information on how nutritional therapy can support you, contact the clinic.