Japanese Facial Lifting

Japanese facial lifting is a unique combination of facial reflex therapy, Japanese face lifting massage, and Oriental medicine practices.

It is a method primarily devised for the treatment of wrinkles, however, it works on a much deeper level. The treatments help balance dysfunctions that may be the cause of the wrinkles, sagging skin and any loss of facial muscle tone.

The gently firm facial massage helps tone the facial muscles, yet relaxes the body, and by using the reflex points on the face to align the meridians and accelerate the lymphatic system, we strengthen the areas that are not working optimally, resulting in greater physical and emotional sense of wellbeing, as well as a fresher and younger looking skin.

This method can be used as a general anti-stress treatment with skin illuminating benefits, however, for best results (a natural face lift) it is recommended to do a course of 12 treatments within 4 weeks, and thereafter a maintenance session every 6-8 weeks or as desired.

Japanese facial lifting treatments improve the skin texture, help to diminish wrinkles, lines, puffy eyes, hanging eyelids, bags under the eyes, dark circles, lip lines, ridges, sagging skin and more. The effects of the treatments are visible immediately, however, major improvement is cumulative.