Childbirth should be a magical experience, and can be, if the labouring mother is producing the right hormones. During labour, our bodies are designed to produce ‘happy’ hormones, – hormones that are said to be 200 times more effective than morphine as a pain relief, and hormones that assist the labour, making it faster, and much more comfortable, without complications. Unfortunately, the production of these wonderful, vital hormones can be prohibited with the introduction of artificial chemicals, and due to our own thoughts and feelings and the tension within our body because of those thought and feelings.

Hypnobirthing sessions provide mums-to-be with the opportunity not only to relax and tune in to their baby during pregnancy, but also to learn skills and techniques that will encourage the production of ‘happy’ birthing hormones, reduce tension in the body, and keep baby calm and safe throughout.

Each 90minute session will explore a different area of hypnobirthing theory, followed by a relevant deep relaxation session. This is a fantastic opportunity for mums-to-be to learn skills and/or top-up their hypnobirthing knowledge and practise in preparation for birth.

Hypnobirthing techniques are incredibly effective during labour, reducing the need for artificial chemicals, assistance of any kind, and in many cases speeding labour up. Women using hypnobirthing techniques report feeling comfortable, safe and in control throughout, with little or no need for any pain relief.

Drop-in Sessions subject areas:

The science behind a good labour
Understanding anchors/triggers
Fear Release
Breathing for Birthing
Preparing my environment – touch & smell
Preparing my environment – audio & visual
Bonding with my baby
Birth positions for baby and mum
A perfect labour