Face Reading

© Saffron Ellidge, Face Reader

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© Saffron Ellidge, Face Reader

A face-reading consultation is like a very specific life-coaching session. Profound insights can be gleaned from the face regarding character, health, emotional patterns and potential. 

One or two sessions can be enough to transform your approach to life so you can start to attract healthy relationships, fulfilling work and better health – and most importantly, follow your true path in life with confidence and clarity. It is time for us all to reconnect with our hearts and share our full creative potential with the world!

A face reading could help you:

  • Find your true path
  • Unlock negative emotional patterns – especially anxiety and stress responses
  • Feel empowered to make better decisions
  • Have greater clarity about yourself and what truly matters to you
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Understand and communicate better with loved ones, friends and colleagues
  • Express your feelings more fluently – watch the wrinkles fall away naturally!
  • Lift your energy and restore your health
  • Uncover unique gifts and talents you didn’t even know you had
  • Simply feel and look better