Face Reading

© Saffron Ellidge, Face Reader

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© Saffron Ellidge, Face Reader

Our face is our identity, a reflection of our inner self. It shows our unique combination of inherited features and the markings and lines that develop from our experiences. Face reading is the skill of interpreting and synthesising all these clues to give you unrivalled insights into yourself. An experienced face reader uses it to validate your personality traits and get beneath the layers of conditioning, negative emotional patterns and past traumas to help you reclaim the whole person you were meant to be.

Facial Diagnosis

The face is also a blueprint for our bodies’ systems and organs, and the flow of our emotions through the expressions we habitually make, so it is an unrivalled tool for health diagnosis. By looking at the lines, markings and coloration, a face reader can spot health issues and, crucially, potential health problems before they have a chance to manifest.

What you will get from a personal one-hour consultation

A face reading consultation is a transformative experience. The therapist will validate character traits, assess health patterns and your emotional make-up, and give suggestions on how to release any blocks or traumas holding you back from feeling content and self-assured. A reading covers love and relationships, health, career, creativity, money and friendships – and potential in all these areas. The experienced face reader’s aim is for you to feel freed up on a profound level to be your true self so you can pursue your unique path in life, bringing you fulfilment and a sense of deep connection with others.

The value and benefits

Rekindle your inner sense of self and restore your self-confidence.
Express your feelings more fluently. (Watch the lines fall away naturally!)
Understand and communicate better with loved ones, friends and colleagues.
Lift your energy and restore your health.
Identify and release trapped fear, anger or grief.
Uncover unique gifts and talents you didn’t even know you had.
Feel ready to embrace life’s challenges and manifest your potential.
Discover your true path in life.

History of face reading

Face reading is a classical Taoist art that is closely linked to five-element acupuncture. It goes back over 3,000 years to when doctors in ancient China couldn’t touch their female patients, so they instead learnt to diagnose by analysing their patients’ faces. Later it was used for match-making and in business recruitment, as it is such an accurate guide to a person’s true character. More recently, facial features and their links to personality and psychology have been the subject of scientific research. The start of a beautiful new friendship between these two disciplines?