Counselling & Psychotherapy

The clinic offers a range of Counselling & Psychotherapy services. Please click the title below to view details of each type and the therapists that offer that method. You can view the therapists details by clicking their link in the left hand sidebar.

To book a session, or dicuss what might be best for you please contact the Wellbeing Clinic.

Couples Counselling
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Astrological Psychology and Vocational Astrology


offered by Jill Sudbury

When you are battling with life’s challenges, feeling swamped and needing someone to help you find resolutions to your difficulties and strategies to move forward, The Wellbeing Clinic counsellors are there for you. They are here to help you:

Gently work through difficulties within relationships
Identify and resolve hidden issues within your psyche
Overcome obstacles in your life or difficulties with friends
Create confidence in your child and bring them reassurance
Resolve presenting issues through past life analysis
Relax into the therapeutic process with the aid of mild hypnosis

How Counselling can help

Counselling provides time away from home and work to explore difficulties in a safe and friendly environment in which to clarify how you think, feel and react.

Counselling helps to

Understand how family values, religion, country of origin and philosophy of life affect the relationship.
Reflect on how the past operates in the present.
Explore how arguments and rows seem to escalate in the same way each time.

Couples Counselling

offered by Jill Sudbury

What is Couples Counselling?

Couples learn how to

Listen to and understand more about each other.
Communicate in an easier and more constructive way.
Negotiate difficult decisions
Recover the love, respect and fun that has previously been enjoyed.
If two people decide to separate or divorce, then emotional support can be given through what is inevitably a painful process.

Common issues

I have trouble with close relationships
We can’t live together
We can’t live apart
I want children, but my partner doesn’t
We are not communicating
We love each other but can’t stop rowing
We have different sexual needs
I can’t cope with the jealousy
We have real money problems
The violence is frightening
My partner is driving me crazy
My partner wants a divorce but I don’t, I just need to talk


Single – and contented?
Loving someone – can be a happy and magical time, but being in love can be agony.
Living together – can be such fun but there can be unexpected difficulties.
To marry or not to marry – one wants to, the other doesn’t?
Marriage – a contented time of growing together or more like drifting apart?
First baby – can be a wonderful blessing, but depression, tiredness, emotional turmoil and different sexual needs can cause misunderstandings.
Family – happy and rewarding, or everybody shouting?
Relatives – a source of comfort and help, or causing difficulties?
Life’s ups and downs – unemployment, illness, bereavement etc., can rock the boat, or become an opportunity for growth.
Teenage years – navigating successfully through a possible minefield?
Re-marriage – contented and happy or children not settling?
Considering a divorce? Have you thought through clearly what it means for each member of the family and for your future?

If any of the above resonates with you contact the clinic, we are here to help.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

offered by Alexandra Wax

Are you looking for a safe, confidential listening environment, where you can talk things through?

Do you wish to be treated non-judgmentally, with dignity, empathy and respect?

Are you motivated to make or embrace change in your life?

Committing to counselling of one hour a week gives you a regular space and time to focus on YOU. We work together to enable you to reflect, re-evaluate, take stock, and make whatever change you feel is necessary.  This can be short-term and solution-focused, or longer-term more in-depth psychotherapy.

When you first contact me, we would arrange a time and date for an initial session. This is to define where you are now and where you want to go, and that becomes the work that we do. We are assessing whether we each feel we can work together.

If we decide to work together, we will set a mutually convenient date and time for regular meeting, as well as deciding upon an initial number of sessions. Except in specific legal circumstances, our work together will be completely confidential.

Areas of interest can be, but are not exclusive to:-

  • Loss and bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Boarding school issues
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Life transitions and changes
  • Anxiety

.. among others.

Astrological Psychology and Vocational Astrology

offered by Alexandra Wax

Astrological Psychology

Astrological Psychology is a branch of psychology which uses Astrology as a diagnostic tool. It starts from the concept of a living, self-regulating and inherently healthy being and not, like most psychologies, from the standpoint of pathology. It relates closely to Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis.

Its main purpose is to offer us a useful instrument for self-discovery so that we can learn to accept ourselves for what we are and what we may be, as this will enable us to live freer, happier and more creative lives. First and foremost, it offers a holistic approach to our human condition.

It is the state of our inner being which determines the nature of our reality, how the available energies affect us, which external events make an impression upon us and how we experience them, evaluate them and respond to them.

This reactive world in Astrological Psychology is expressed and interpreted by the Age Point and Age Progression. This is a steady progression through time which shows how we work our way through our chart and thus, in the course of a life time, experience all the various facets of our character.

Today’s method of using our intellect is predominantly linear and logical, the cause and effect approach which proceeds via precise analytical steps. It has the tendency to divide a whole organism into its individual constituent parts, and thereby leads to fragmentation and over-complication, until in the end we lose sight of both means and aims.

In brief, this approach gives a unique insight into one of the major conflict areas of our lives: the differences between the more or less well-meaning efforts of the adult world to mould us to its standards, in juxtaposition to our innate inclinations.

Another useful insight is provided by investigating the tensions and connections between members of our family. Furthermore we can understand the role models we formed for ourselves. The nature and integrity of our threefold personality (body, mind and feelings) is moulded in childhood through the way in which the child experiences the various roles of mother, father and child.

Astrological Psychology can be a real tool for self-awareness and personal growth.

I offer:

  • a one-off chart reading, +
  • ongoing astrological counselling involving any or all of the above
  • Solar Return reports – showing the areas of focus in a given year
  • Vocational Astrology

Vocational Astrology

This uses your autobiography, CV and birth chart to answer the questions:

Who am I?
What can I do?
What do I want?

from a working point of view

We determine a number of sessions, depending on your interest or focus – vocation and motivation, style and drive, an authentic image, talents and ways to make money, communication skills, clarifying blocks, goals, norms and values and your ideal environment.

These are 2-hour coaching sessions with a final ‘pulling it all together’ session.