Chinese Massage

Effective Healing and Relaxing Benefits

Developed and was used mainly in China 5000 years ago, this type of massage therapy is now a popular method used on almost all massage spas today. Chinese massage therapy in China is popular due to its effective healing and relaxing benefits.

The Chinese, like most Asians believe that the energies or qi in the human body should be aligned and stay in balance to prevent the body from collapsing and falling prey to the various diseases that awaits the drop of its immunity. The Chinese calls an unhealthy person as a person with imbalanced energies within the body.

This manipulative therapy uses many different healing techniques on its patient. Most of these are focused on the key areas or meridian points of the patient’s body. Acupuncture is an art of using thin needles inserted on the meridian points of the body to release tension, remove toxin and to correct the energy lines of the patient. The massage therapist uses massage strokes and techniques such as kneading, pressing, and tapping during a Chinese massage therapy. These strokes are used with the palms, fingers, and knuckles with many massage stroke variations and applied pressure depending on the massage therapist and the patient’s preference. All of these techniques aim in improving the flow of energy and unblocking the channels where qi enters in and out all over the body.

Benefits expected after a Chinese massage therapy are both physical and mental benefits. It helps in releasing toxins, relieving pain, and removing physical and mental stress. An increase in circulation and improvement in the respiratory system are also positive effects of a good Chinese massage therapy. Although it is a good, natural way of healing the body, there are some problems that it can’t cure such as acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems. However, like most massage therapy, it has fewer side effects and it is much safer than any of the modern medical treatment today.