Astrology in an ancient art which employed symbols with multi-layers of meaning to understand the dynamics of the human condition.

Astrology can be used in a variety of ways: whole life-span readings, a personal forecast for long term trends and a close look at the next 12 months,  romance astrology looking at the dynamics and patterns of your relationship life, an overview of the life path of a child, relationship astrology; exploring the dynamics between two people.

To calculate your personal astrological birth chart, your therapist will need your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth. If your exact birth time is unknown your therapist can dowse the birth time for you, as part of your consultation.

NB:  The new Consumer Protection Act and EU Directive may require me to explain that your therapist is offering you translations into ordinary language of traditional meanings of astronomical cycles. These are based on ideas used for thousands of years, enhanced by information from their experience of using them. Such information is, however, challenged by contemporary mechanical science. It is offered on the understanding that it is for you to decide if this knowledge gives useful insight that helps you make better life decisions. You should seek independent professional advice for legal, medical, fiscal and other specialist questions.