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Nutritional Therapy

Many every day health problems can be significantly improved by looking at the foods we eat and our lifestyles.

Research has shown that mineral and vitamin deficiencies, chemical imbalances and toxins in our bodies have a huge effect on the way we feel, from low energy levels, aches and pains to digestive problems and mental illness.

Before the initial consultation you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. This takes emotional, hereditary and social factors into account, as well as current eating habits and lifestyle. During the consultation we aim to find out more about your health problems, to analyze, discuss and agree with you on a programme specific to your needs. It is not always necessary to make drastic changes to the diet.

You may be supported by nutritional supplements or specific scientific tests may be suggested to help pinpoint the underlying causes of your health issues like food allergies, hormone imbalances, digestive problems and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Nutritional Therapy is a safe, natural way to encourage the body to heal itself.

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