The Wellbeing Clinic

Pat Harper

Many years ago, hypnotherapy helped me with  two wildly different problems – sea-sickness and low self-esteem. I felt so much better about both, and decided I’d like to help other people feel better too.

I can help with the following:
•    Phobias
•    Self confidence and self esteem
•    Stress and anxiety
•    Habits and behaviours
•    Weight loss
•    Smoking cessation
•    Pain management
•    and other concerns which might not be so identifiable.

Hypnotherapy can help with so many problems and concerns. Deep relaxation is a big part of hypnotherapy and, as stress and tension can exacerbate almost any issue, easing them can really make a difference.

I attend as many Hypnotherapy Society workshops as possible throughout the year, as well as other related workshops, to make sure my skills stay up to date. I’ve taken a number of Uncommon Hypnotherapy courses, and will continue to learn about this fascinating, powerful therapy.

I’m fully insured, and a registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society.

Please come and have a chat about how hypnotherapy might be able to help you. I practice at the Wellbeing Clinic in Marlborough on Tuesday mornings.

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