Jungian Dream Group


jungian dream group
25th April 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
The Wellbeing Clinic
4 London Rd
Marlborough SN8

The meaning of our dreams is often underrated. Did you know that some dreams are the way our unconscious tries to speak to the flesh and blood version of us? When we don’t take our dreams seriously the unconscious can become despondent and stop making the effort. Our spiritual journey is wonderfully enriched when we take note of what the unconscious wants us to recognise.

During the Jungian dream group we get a chance to share and find meaning to our dreams. The dreamer is often unable to see what is so clear to those listening. The perspective of others in the group can be surprising and affirming. Urges, blockages, confusion and despair seem to melt quietly away when released by dream work.

Derek Viner, who has been involved with dream analysis for many years, will be leading the dream groups at the Wellbeing Clinic. Groups will be kept to a maximum of 6 people and contributions are £10 per person, per session.

Dream work is a powerful spiritual tool, enabling a happier life and preparing for the death experience.

Please call the Wellbeing Clinic in advance to register your interest – thank you.  We would appreciate a £5 donation per session.