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What is Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

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Energy EFT is very much known an energy-based modality where practitioners believe that energy flows through meridians in the body and that tapping on points frees up blockages that may be impeding flow.

Energy EFT practitioners believe the human totality to be made up of three separate but equally important aspects:

Mind (Psychology)
Body (Physicians, Medical Doctors, massage therapists, etc.)
Energy/Emotions (Energists)

Energy EFT practitioners work directly with the energy and emotions (as opposed to the Mind or Body of the human totality) which may or may not have physical or mental healing benefits but these can never be promised.

We use tapping to dissipate bad emotions.

Place hands crossed over your heart (or where you’d point to yourself when you say “I”)

Take three deep-breaths and after each one say setup statement,

With Energy EFT, we work with positive or negative opening statements in the format:
“<problem>” or “<positive>” e.g.: “Fear of public speaking”

As the client taps they should start to feel better. As they approach the middle of the SUE Scale (eg: -2 to +2) the EFT Master Practitioner will ask them if they’d like to switch to a positive setup statement, e.g.: “Confidence”

We use the tapping sequence below:
1.    Top of the Head
2.    Third Eye point
3.    Eyebrow point
4.    Corner of the eye
5.    Under eye
6.    Under nose
7.    Under mouth
8.    Under collarbone
9.    Thumb
10.    Index Finger
11.    Middle Finger
12.    Ring Finger*
13.    Little Finger
14.    Karate Chop Point
* With Energy EFT we tap all the finger points so as not to disrupt the treatment flow

1.    Place hands crossed over your heart (or where you’d point to yourself when you say “I”)
2.    Take three deep-breaths
Test yourself for change using the SUE Scale & repeat procedure until you’re as close to +10 as possible where the “healing event” will occur.

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