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Martha Cuffy

Martha is appreciated for her humour, openness and lightness to situations which may seem overwhelming.

Professionally Martha is a trained CTI Life Coach, a certified Fireworks Careers Coach and Team Diagnostics Coach. She is also a trained constellations and relationship systems practitioner which can add a powerful and ancestral aspect to understanding what is unfolding in your life. A yoga practitioner for over 25 years she started teaching after completing her MA in Yoga Psychology in India. She has experienced herself the excitement and fear of changing paths from working in corporate finance to deciding to live in India. She has a BA (Hons) in German and later studied for an MBA after having worked in technology during the dotcom era. Martha loves working in different locations and has lived and worked in the UK, India, France, Germany. Weather permitting, Martha loves to hike, discover the healing properties of herbs and meditating in a field of bluebells and writing birthday haikus.

Martha works with clients on a one to one basis, in family or business teams.

As well as teaching yoga, she incorporates chanting and breath work into her coaching programmes and retreats to encourage her clients to respond to life from their whole body in a relaxed mindful state rather than from an overachieving mind. Her transformational wellness work during her years of living on a Caribbean rainforest island gained her international recognition in a top travel magazine. She loves designing yoga and wellness experiences in nature to include elements such as labyrinths and healing waters. She has been a leadership Coach for social and eco-pioneers in UK, US and the Caribbean and has led and supported various wellness projects and initiatives in the Caribbean. She has a love of all things natural that are nurturing and uplifting for the spirit and body. She also uses her own experiences of physical trauma to understand and address the different layers of experience that need support for recovery.

In her coaching programmes over the past fourteen years she has worked with the powerful energy and spiritual tools – Human Design and Gene Keys systems. These enable her to zero in on the heart of the conflict, challenges or gifts for her clients in very specific ways.

What clients can gain from working with Martha:

  • Clarity about who they are and how their energetic aura moves and is received in the world.
  • Confidence to explore new paths and transform toxic working relationships.
  • Boldness to ask for more (respect, money or self-care), move country and claim relationships.
  • Playfulness to experiment more in their life.
  • An Inner SatNav – tools and ways of being that increase trust of self in making decisions and detecting the signs of where life wants to lead you.
  • Healthier outlook and lifestyle. Martha has a range of experience and tools to support your journey to wellness.

Feel free to contact Martha at the Wellbeing Clinic on 01672 513583 for a free initial consultation. Martha also has free relaxation podcasts available online: 9 Minute Meltdown and the 17 minute Heart Meditation.

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