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Couples Counselling

What is Couples Counselling?

Couples learn how to

Listen to and understand more about each other.
Communicate in an easier and more constructive way.
Negotiate difficult decisions
Recover the love, respect and fun that has previously been enjoyed.
If two people decide to separate or divorce, then emotional support can be given through what is inevitably a painful process.

Common issues

I have trouble with close relationships
We can’t live together
We can’t live apart
I want children, but my partner doesn’t
We are not communicating
We love each other but can’t stop rowing
We have different sexual needs
I can’t cope with the jealousy
We have real money problems
The violence is frightening
My partner is driving me crazy
My partner wants a divorce but I don’t, I just need to talk


Single – and contented?
Loving someone – can be a happy and magical time, but being in love can be agony.
Living together – can be such fun but there can be unexpected difficulties.
To marry or not to marry – one wants to, the other doesn’t?
Marriage – a contented time of growing together or more like drifting apart?
First baby – can be a wonderful blessing, but depression, tiredness, emotional turmoil and different sexual needs can cause misunderstandings.
Family – happy and rewarding, or everybody shouting?
Relatives – a source of comfort and help, or causing difficulties?
Life’s ups and downs – unemployment, illness, bereavement etc., can rock the boat, or become an opportunity for growth.
Teenage years – navigating successfully through a possible minefield?
Re-marriage – contented and happy or children not settling?
Considering a divorce? Have you thought through clearly what it means for each member of the family and for your future?

If any of the above resonates with you contact the clinic, we are here to help.

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