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Angie Sanders

Before I had my daughter, Faye, most of my working life was spent as a PA for a large corporation. When Faye went to school and deciding I did not want to return to corporate life, I trained as a massage and Indian head massage therapist. In 1998 I applied to become a yoga teacher but the course was cancelled. Around that time Pilates was beginning to make a name for itself and having discovered that there were no teachers in this area and Body Control Pilates were looking for teachers, they suggested that I attend their course in London and 20 years later I am still teaching! I have had an interest in complementary therapies for many years.

I came across the work of Donna Eden in 2015 via an online video clip and was so interested I bought Donna’s book “Energy Medicine”. After reading it through twice I found a therapist near Southampton to have a few sessions to experience it for myself. My practitioner told me that the first year of Eden Energy Medicine’s Certification Programme was just about to commence in Bristol and as by that time I was hooked I signed up immediately! I graduated in March 2017.

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